Apple’s March 2019 event is official and a cheap new iPad could be next

Apple's March 2019 event is official and a cheap new iPad could be next

APPLE has confirmed a March event and gadget fans are waiting with bated breath to see what the tech giant has in store.
The announcement will take place on March 25 in California, with updated wireless earbuds or a new iPad Mini 5 tablet among the devices rumoured to be revealed.
Apple’s first 2019 event is now confirmed for March 25
According to the firm’s invite, things will start getting underway at 10am Pacific time, which is 5pm in the UK at the time of writing.
A new Apple streaming TV service is considered the most likely candidate for release this month, with rumoured new flagship mobile the iPhone 11 not expected to launch until the autumn.
However, a cheap new iPad, complete with a headphone jack, has been tipped by some industry insiders as a potential reveal this March.
Apple is unlikely to reveal a new flagship iPhone, but there should be plenty of big reveals from the gadget superpower at its March event
The Apple March 2019 event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater, which is located at the company’s Cupertino, California headquarters.
Other products that might feature at Apple’s March 2019 event include the iPod and iPhone SE, both of which haven’t seen the limelight in a while.
New iPad and iPod – is it likely to happen?We reveal expert opinion from CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood…

“Refreshing the iPad and iPod Touch lines would be a logical move for Apple.
“There could be a sweet spot for the iPad mini with a screen that is pushed right to the edges of the device, in a similar manner to the iPhone X and it would reinvigorate a product line beyond the iPhone.
“With regards the iPod Touch, this is still a popular product in a number of areas, particularly with young users, but also in other non-consumer centric areas such as restaurant for taking orders, retail for doing stock checking and in-store customer service and payment or museums and galleries for virtual tour guides.
“These business centric applications offer a small but growing opportunity beyond the consumer demand.”

Recent Apple launch events have seen us introduced to the iPhone XR and iPad Pro, which come with some of the best specs and features around – and pricing to match.
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