Apple Watch and Fitbit can cause rashes and boils as they are ‘perfect breeding ground for bacteria’

Apple Watch and Fitbit can cause rashes and boils as they are 'perfect breeding ground for bacteria'

APPLE Watches and Fitbit devices can cause rashes and boils as they are the “perfect breeding ground for bacteria”, it has been revealed.
Fitness fans who don’t clean their devices every day could have sky-high levels of germs than what’s already on their skin.
Apple watches and Fitbits can trap 300 times the amount of germs found on skin, experts have found
A woman who owned a £199 Fitbit Versa and wore her device day and night had levels of bacteria that were 300 times  higher than average levels, an investigation lead by The Sunday Telegraph.
The study also tested the skin surfaces of five regular smartwatch users and found higher levels of bacteria than normal.
The devices tested included the Apple Watch, Fitbit’s Versa smartwatch and Charge fitness trackers which range from £50 to £529, the newspaper reported.
Normally, staphyloccus bacteria can be found on clothing or the skin, but high levels will lead to skin irritations.
DO YOU HAVE A STAPH INFECTION?Staphylococcus bacteria can cause a range of skin infections.
The NHS said symptoms usually include:

A painful red lump or bump
Hot red and swollen skin
Sores, crusts or blisters
Sore, red eyelids or eyes

If it lasts more than a week, sufferers are advised to visit their GP.
In a bid to avoid getting the infection, you should:

Keep your skin clean by having a bath or shower every day
Wash your hands with soap and water regularly
Keep any cuts clean and covered

Dr Nicole Chiang, a dermatologist from the University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust told the newspaper regular use may lead to infections.
The usually “harmless” bacteria “can get into the skin, with regular friction under these devices”.
She added: “Once there it can cause infections such as boils or a painful rash”.
Skin experts are worried that as the latest devices come with better battery power, users will not find a need to remove them.
Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist and spokesman for the British Skin Foundation said patients often suffered nickel allergies, which created other skin issues.
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Dr Sweta Rai from the British Association of Dermatologists said it’s important for users to let their skin breathe.
She suggested cleaning the device especially after exercise with antibacterial wipes.
Experts recently claimed Fitbit users are putting another strain on the NHS by visiting their GP’s after the devices are allegedly alerting them to a non-existent illness.
The academy of Medical Royal Colleges claims that the rise in health apps could eventually leave hospitals overwhelmed.
Sun Online has contacted Apple and Fitbit for comment.
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