Apple reveals revolutionary circular pizza box ‘that prevents soggy crusts’ – and they’re already on sale

Apple reveals revolutionary circular pizza box 'that prevents soggy crusts' – and they're already on sale

APPLE has released a new advert showing the creation of it’s circular pizza boxes.
The tech giant has even patented the design, which is said to prevent soggy crusts due to its special ‘steam holes’.
Apple Apple employees have been using these pizza boxes for ages
The new three minute commercial doesn’t actually feature that much visual footage of the design but it does imply that it had very humble beginnings.
Titled “Apple at Work — The Underdogs”, the humorous video showcases a lot of Apple tech.
The pizza box itself is circular in shape with eight moisture prevention holes that allow steam to escape from the lid.
Small ridges have been placed on the top and bottom of the container so its contents can remain lifted and the cheese on top of the pizza remains protected.
Apple A patent for the box shows all its clever designs
The new Apple advert only shows the pizza box for a few seconds
The ridges also enable the thermal isolation of the cheese so it doesn’t go cold so quickly.
The idea was conceived with Apple’s Park Cafe so that employees would be able to return to their cubicles with their leftover pizza and not ruin it.
Like most Apple designs, the box is very simple with a sleek and shiny white design.
Apple A signed Apple pizza box was placed at Steve Job’s memorial
It is made of paper pulp so is not only revolutionary but also environmentally friendly.
The box actually existed on the Apple campus for along time before members of the public had the privilege of seeing it.
When Steve Jobs died, many Apple Food employees signed one of the boxes and placed it amongst the flowers at his memorial.
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