Apple preparing to drop Lightning port on iPhones, suggests leak

Apple preparing to drop Lightning port on iPhones, suggests leak

Apple may include an 18W USB-C charger with the next iPhone (Getty)Apple has put its Lightning connector on every iPhone since the iPhone 5 back in 2012.
But there are increasing signs the tech giant will ditch the proprietary connection and swap to the more common USB-C cable.
The latest iPad Pro and MacBook Pro models both use USB-C and now it looks like the 2019 iPhone models could set the stage for a change as well.
According to Japanese tech blog Macotakara, this year’s iPhone models will come with a USB-C power adapter even though the phones themselves will still have a Lightning port. Users will be given a USB-C-to-Lighting wire alongside the phone that plugs into the power adapter.
The reason for the change is the 18W USB-C cable will charge the phone much faster than a standard Lightning cable would. It would also mean that customers would be able to connect their iPhones to their MacBooks or iPads with the bundled adapter.

iPhone XI navodno s 18W punjačem i USB C – Lightning kabelom u paketu
— SmartphoneHrvatska (@Smartphonehrv) April 30, 2019

Got an iPhone XR for work and I love it as a phone, but holy crap does it underscore how ready I am for everything to go from lighting to usb c.
— Rob Donoghue (@rdonoghue) April 3, 2019

I’d switch to an iPhone if they cut their prices in half, added fast charging out of the box, and switched to USB C. Then my green bubble shaming from iSheep could finally end.
— Peter DeCew (@upstate_tech) April 3, 2019

If the next iPhone doesn’t have USB C I’m gonna go Google Pixel. I’ve decided that’s my threshold.
Can’t sell me on an eco system play then ship an iPad & iPhone that don’t share chargers!
— PJ Stephen (@ThePeej) March 21, 2019

Apple’s phones still use the Lightning adapter from 2012 (Apple)Finally, it sets the scene for the 2020 version of the iPhone to make the jump over to USB-C completely.
Something that plenty of gadget users have been crying out for. Even thought it will mean that all your old Lightning-based accessories are now obsolete.


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