Apex Legends next character Octane ‘outed’ by leak as players await Battle Pass

Apex Legends next character Octane 'outed' by leak as players await Battle Pass

A NEW Legend may be heading to Apex Legends in the very near future, with another potentially hot on his heels.
We’re expecting the free-to-play game’s first ‘season’ complete with a paid-for Battle Pass that will give players a slew of rewards for completing in-game challenges any day now.
One image posted to Reddit showed what looks to be promotional artwork for Apex Legends showing Octane
Season 1 is going to run from some time this month through April and May, and will include new characters to play as as well as new loot and new weapons.
The first new Legend could be released any day now, and looks set to be a character called Octane.
As rounded up by PC Gamer, it looks like Octane will restore their own health over time, and have the ability to sacrifice a chunk of their own health in exchange for a speed boost.
The new character, described in one ‘leaked’ image as a “High Speed Daredevil” may also come with the ability to deploy a jump pad as their ultimate ability.
Another purportedly leaked image, also posted to Reddit
Less is known about other heroes that might be coming, but there are hints.
Some earlier leaks which seemed to reveal Octane’s existence also mentioned a new Legend called Wattson.
Wattson looks set to come with an ability called Tesla Trap — and that gains further credence thanks to one of Octane’s abilities as well.
The speed-boost ability makes Octane briefly immune to other slowing / trapping effects, which suggests that more such effects and abilities to cause them are on the way.
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The launch of Fortnite’s new season has catapualted it back to the top of the streaming charts after several weeks’ dominance from Apex.
The change also comes amid very stiff competition from Esports events such as the ESL Masters in Katowice and the return of Overwatch League, which has seen its audience grow notably year on year despite complaints about the current style of play.

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Apex Legends launch trailer shows off new free-to-play Fortnite rival


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