Any Tory leader must kill off the nanny state brigade’s snobby war on treats – The Sun

Any Tory leader must kill off the nanny state brigade’s snobby war on treats – The Sun

ANY new Tory leader must kill off the nanny state brigade’s snobby war on treats.
George Osborne’s fizzy drink tax was idiotic enough. What has that achieved?
3 What has George Osborne’s fizzy drink tax achieved?Credit: Alamy
Yes, some manufacturers cut sugar and wrecked their drinks. Brilliant.
Is anyone even an ounce slimmer? If not, what was the point?
The Sun predicted the health zealots would not stop there, whether they succeeded or not.
Now these new Puritans want punitive taxes on sweets and crisps too — and plain packaging, supposedly to make them less enticing.
Do they really think kids are seduced by the wrapper? D’oh! It’s the taste, as Christopher Snowdon says on this page.
And here’s a handy solution for parents facing “pester power”: Just say No.
Which goes equally for aspiring Tory Prime Ministers browbeaten by centre-left “public health” meddlers obsessed with bullying and fleecing the low-paid as a weapon against obesity.
The Tories have swallowed their junk ideas far too long.
 Labour vows to extend hated sugar tax to milkshakes and other drinks
 Labour’s loser
DONALD Trump has the measure of Corbyn.
Never has Labour’s leader looked less like a PM-in-waiting than yesterday.
3 Rejected by the US President, Corbyn slunk off to an anti-Trump demo to make a ‘speech’Credit: Reuters
Despite repeatedly insulting the US President and snubbing his State dinner, Corbyn secretly begged to meet him. Rejected, he slunk off to an anti-Trump demo to make a “speech” that must have had even his staunchest ­supporters dying with embarrassment.
At tedious length he barked his stock list of leftie gripes, never troubling ­himself to offer solutions. But that’s all Corbyn is… a career protester, only truly at home when ranting to cheering socialists as angry and dim as he is.
A small, dreary figure who rails against “hate” despite his entire movement being fuelled by it (as sniggering Corbynistas chanting “Nazi” later proved after finding a Trump supporter to attack).
He is a man who denounces racism while blind to his own. Who abuses the President to excite his fanbase, with no regard for the relationship between our great nations, so vital to the free world.
Trump is right: Corbyn is a “negative force” for Britain. We pray voters never have to find it out the hard way.
Donald Trump says he refused to meet ‘negative force’ Jeremy Corbyn and protests are ‘very small’
CommentJANE MOORE Protest all you like but Donald Trump loves Britain more than Jeremy Corbyn does CommentCHRIS SNOWDON Nanny State’s pointless sweet health warnings seriously harm your freedom CommentLEO MCKINSTRY Trump a fascist? No, loser Khan is the REAL threat to our democracy CommentJANE MOORE Remainers’ Brexit denial will see Nigel Farage burst Westminster bubble for good CommentALLY ROSS Buzz off, Alesha…bloke who hand farts Queen songs is the whole point of BGT
A life changer
IF Theresa May is still seeking a legacy before Friday, how’s this?
She could reinstate £434million of funds cut from families with disabled kids and making their lives impossible. They need respite care and vital equipment.
3 Vickey Kowal with her son Ollie, who has a rare condition which means his muscles can become paralysed at any timeCredit: �Chris Balcombe – The Sun

Is your family affected by the cuts to funding? Tell us your story. Email:

Thousands of readers have now ­supported our Give It Back campaign. But Mrs May and Chancellor Philip Hammond could solve it today.
They always said their focus was the “just about managings”. Here are some parents who can barely manage at all.
Help them, PM.
Sun meets Ollie Kowal and family who are backing Give It Back campaign for more government funding


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