Anti-Brexit poster showing ‘homophobic’ Ann Widdecombe quote will be removed

Anti-Brexit poster showing 'homophobic' Ann Widdecombe quote will be removed

The poster is to be taken down over Caption: Twitter @MidlandsZone billboard featuring a homophobic quote from Brexit Party candidate Ann Widdecombe has divided opinion.
Anti-Brexit campaigners Led by Donkeys have agreed to take the poster down over fears people would take the message literally.
The billboard quoting the former Tory MP as saying ‘homosexual acts are wrongful’ under a banner saying ‘target gay people’ was meant to discredit the party.
But Led By Donkeys were criticised on social media over concerns the poster could be seen as an endorsement rather than mockery.
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Responding on Twitter, the group said: ‘We’ve been getting some justified criticism today on social media for posting a billboard of Ann Widdecombe’s homophobic views.
‘Just because we’re outraged by her views it doesn’t mean everyone will be, and more importantly there will be some who’ll take her words at face value.
‘If it’s causing pain and anger to those directly affected by homophobia it’s totally counterproductive.’
Plenty of Twitter users thanked the group for listening to their point of view and for their ‘classy response’ and ‘heartfelt’ apology.
But others thought it exposed bigotry and shouldn’t be removed.

She should be called out on her views, for sure. They are abhorrent and disgusting. I don’t think the poster did that though. It helped circulate views I’m sure she’s happy to be associated with.
— Liam (@notsotweets) May 17, 2019

But they would vote for her anyway wouldn’t they. It is targeted at anyone who isn’t homophobic but is a Brexit supporter who might think twice about what sort of party this makes them
— Impossible Princess Helen (@ImpossibleHelen) May 17, 2019

It’s less that and more that the number of people who’ll see that billboard as an “I agree with this, look at this politician backing me up” can be seen to legitimise it. Believe me, I’m pissed that she said it too.
— Finn 🏳️‍🌈 ⚧ 🧜🏻‍♀️ (@finntipp) May 17, 2019

The Brexit Party are yet to release a manifesto ahead of Thursday’s European Parliament elections, so Led by Donkeys have been writing policies for them.
They’ve been sticking up billboards across the country baring quotes from candidates in an attempt to put off voters.
One of them quotes Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage as saying: ‘We need to move to an insurance-based system of healthcare,’ under the banner ‘Attack the NHS’.
Another in Taunton has the heading ‘less maternity pay’, followed by: ‘The European Parliament, in their foolishness, have voted for increased maternity pay’.

Led by Donkeys have been putting these billboards up across the UK (Picture: Twitter/@ByDonkeys)

They aim to fill in the blanks of the Brexit Party’s non-existent manifesto (Picture: Twitter/@ByDonkeys)It isn’t the first time Led by Donkeys have taken a swing at Farage.
The group also registered the URL before the Brexit Party could claim it.
The site reads: ‘Nigel Farage wants to register a huge victory in the European elections, but he can’t even register his own website.’


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