Angry Jurgen Klopp confronts Everton ballboy who mocked him with sarcastic applause after Liverpool draw

Angry Jurgen Klopp confronts Everton ballboy who mocked him with sarcastic applause after Liverpool draw

LIVERPOOL’S title hopes suffered a huge blow after they were held at Everton – and a ballboy could not resist rubbing the salt in Jurgen Klopp’s wounds.
The Reds have now fallen behind reigning champions Manchester City after they were held to a goalless draw at the home of their local neighbours.
Sky Sports Jurgen Klopp almost lost his cool with a cheeky Everton ballboy
Sky Sports The Liverpool boss went marching over to the youngster as he spotted him while leaving the pitch
That left them a point behind Pep Guardiola’s men with only nine Premier League games remaining.
But as Klopp tried to remain calm in the face of adversity, he could not help himself from dishing out a firm telling off to a youngster as he left the pitch.
The Kop boss was leaving the field when he spotted a Blues ballboy sarcastically clapping him.
Klopp went marching over to the kid with stern-faced and even raised the back of his hand to him – but it all ended in smiles.
Sky Sports The situation was defused as the kid gave Klopp a cheeky thumbs-up
Getty Images Jurgen Klopp managed to see the funny side after the hilarious incident
The cocky child gave the German coach a thumbs-up before the disappointed Klopp headed for the tunnel with a grin across his face.
Everton fans were delighted with the comedy scene, one hailing the ballboy as “a legend” on Twitter while another said: “Bet his Dad has never been more proud of him.”

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And they were overjoyed to see Klopp “bite” at the antics.
“I thought he was going to back hand him” wrote another, “nibbled big time” declared another while a fellow Toffee wrote: “Had top top bait on his line 230lb easily.”

Meanwhile another Goodison fanatic said: “Rattled is one way to put it. His face when he first spoke to the kid. Wanted to take his head clean off.”
But not everyone was as pleased with the situation, with one praising Klopp for showing “great self-control”.
And another said: “I’m not a Liverpool fan by any means but I would have been fine with Jurgen stretching the cheeky little f***ers neck.”
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After the game Liverpool’s Andy Robertson attempted to pile the pressure on City after the setback.
He told BBC Sport: “We become the chasers now and all the pressure is on Manchester City.
“We will fight for every last ball until the whistle is blown at the end of the season. The pressure has been on City because they are expected to retain the title.
“Everton think they have stopped us from winning the league. It shows how well we are doing that they want to stop us.”


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