Alfie Evans’ dad says new baby gives him ‘reason to wake up’

Alfie Evans' dad says new baby gives him 'reason to wake up'

The father of Alfie Evans, who died of a rare degenerative brain disease last year, said his new son Thomas gives him ‘something to wake up to’ every day.
Six-month-old Thomas was born just three months after Tom Evans, 21, and Kate James, 20, lost 23-month-old Alfie following a lengthy legal battle that attracted global attention.
Alfie died at Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in April last year after doctors took him off a life support machine.

Alfie was taken off life support in April last year (Picture: alfiesarmy/Instagram)Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Mr Evans said Thomas is Alfie’s ‘double’ as their ‘resemblance is amazing’.
‘We’re hanging in there, keeping sane, doing as well as we can. I wouldn’t know where I was without baby Thomas,’ Tom said.
Student wins Lamborghini but swaps it for £50,000 cash instead‘I’ve got something to wake up to with him. I have to keep happy for Thomas’s sake. I wouldn’t want to wake up if it wasn’t for the baby.
‘I don’t like to think what it would be like without Thomas. I worry if he wasn’t here, where would I be?’
Parents Tom and Kate, from Liverpool, carry a gene that triggered Alfie’s degenerative brain condition, and baby Thomas had a one in four chance of having the same illness.

Tom and Kate had their second child just a few months after Alfie passed (Picture: Rex Features)Alfie had been fine for the first six months of his life before he fell seriously ill.
Doctors told the parents there was nothing they could do to help the toddler, and a court backed their decision.
Mum gives birth to twins 52 miles apart in ‘horrendous’ labourBut they resolved to fight for their son to get potentially life-saving treatment abroad and appealed at the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.
They also even met with Pope Francis, who supported the couple’s plight.
But their appeals were quashed and Alfie died in hospital five days after his life support was turned off. At the time Tom had said the treatment of his son was ‘inhumane’.

Dad Tom has said Thomas gives him a reason to live (Picture: Rex Features)

The Evans lost their little one after a legal battle that attracted global attention (Picture: alfiesarmy/Instagram)He has also revealed how £140,000 raised for Alfie’s cause would go towards helping other seriously ill children around the world.
Tom said he and Kate didn’t want any family to have to suffer as much as they did and that they would set up a foundation to help them.
Tommy Robinson claims to reveal all about ‘fake news’ BBC in documentaryThe fund came from the ‘Alfie’s Army’ fundraising page set up during the family’s legal battle and was initially being kept for his potential treatment in Italy or Poland.
The parents have reportedly already applied for charitable status and have distributed wheelchairs and sensory equipment to disabled children.
They said in September last year that they will ‘always have two amazing children’.


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