Alex Hepburn wrote about doing ‘rouge things’ before raping woman

Alex Hepburn wrote about doing 'rouge things' before raping woman

A former cricketer who has been found guilty of raping a sleeping woman during a sexual conquest game wrote about doing ‘rogue things’ on WhatsApp.
Text exchanges suggesting Alex Hepburn had sex with 60 women during a previous game were not put before the jurors who convicted him.
Hepburn, 23, told his friends ‘it feels like there is a population of 150 birds in Worcester and we have pumped every single one of them’ and ‘get them blind and then back to ours’.

Alex Hepburn has been found guilty of one count of rape after attacking a sleeping woman (Picture: SWNS)Another message in which the ex-Worcestershire CCC all-rounder described himself and teammate Joe Clarke as a ‘pair of tens’ who ‘should be banging models’ was also ruled inadmissible during a pre-trial hearing.
Water park owner slams paedophile fears over nude family swim as ‘scaremongering’In the message, written to Clarke near the start of the 2017 cricket season, Hepburn added: ‘Shame there are no fing models in Worcester. If there is we have banged them.’
In another message not heard by the jury, Hepburn boasted: ‘Got to understand that Hepperdawg is a horny c and without you keeping my head straight just goes and does rogue things.’
After Hepburn’s trial ended, a series of message exchanges have revealed the rules of the ‘Stats Games’, which he stipulated would end with a ‘shaggers week’ in mid-September.
In a post described in pre-trial legal argument as repellent and pathetic, Hepburn wrote: ‘Rules of the Stat Games.

He is due to be sentenced at Hereford Crown Court on April 30 (Picture: PA)‘Commences the day Joe (Clarke) is back in Worcs, so the first night out as the fellas is when the games begin!
‘Every freshie has to be put into the chat with this detail (name, age, black or white, rate out of 10, yor (sic) performance out of 10, condom or no) End of the shaggers week is the September the 15th.’
The rules, posted by Hepburn four days before the night out which ended in his arrest, said the weekend following the end of the contest had been earmarked for ‘punishments’, with the last-placed competitor buying dinner at a restaurant.
The player finishing last and the second-ranked contestant would combine to pay for drinks for the night while the winner would be able to ‘gloat and has a night free on the boys’.
Characterised in court as ‘unattractive banter’ between males, the rules ended with odds for the three participants and Hepburn saying: ‘Excited as f lads.

Hepburn is a former all-rounder for Worcestershire County Cricket Club (Picture: Getty Images)‘Let’s play with the right spirit and Clarkey…. the shags have to be legit!
Teenagers ignore arrest threats as climate change march brings traffic to standstill‘At the end of the summer no matter who wins or loses we will get a gram (an Instagram post) with the caption top shaggers.
‘May the best man win and have a great contest.’
Social media conversations which prosecutors claimed may have been ‘scores’ from a previous sexual conquest competition were also kept from the jury panel.
A message written by Hepburn said: ‘Oi last night was my 60th. Want 80 by the end of Worcs.’

Prosecutors said Hepburn began to rape the woman while she was asleep (Picture: SWNS)Meanwhile, Clarke responded: ‘I reckon I’m about 75. I want 20 more this summer. Tough ask but reckon we have got it in us.’
Seven people rushed to hospital after ‘gas leak’ at parkThe messages – recovered by police from mobile phone records – also included a reference to a ‘Tinder bird’ which dismissed her as ‘not great’ but added ‘a stat’s a stat hahaha.’
But jurors did hear details of messages sent by Hepburn in the week of the night out which landed him in court – in which he apparently referred to threesomes involving Mr Clarke.
Hepburn wrote: ‘Clarkey you only won last year because the hepperdawg let ya have three balls with him.’
Follow-up messages sent by Hepburn stated: ‘Always been me dragging the birds back. You raping them.’

The victim has consensual sex with Hepburn’s teammate Joe Clarke before the attack (Picture: SWNS)Clarke replied: ‘I won by more than the two three balls I joined in with.’
That exchange was explained in court by Hepburn as being ‘light’ use of the word rape, which had been used jokingly in an attempt to get under Clarke’s skin.
In another admissible message posted a day before the night when the rape was alleged to have taken place, Hepburn told his friends “f the hep is on” after posting a tick after the words brows, haircut and tan.
In a series of messages on the same day, Mr Clarke talked about sleeping arrangements for the forthcoming weekend in the flat he shared with Hepburn.
Clarke wrote: ‘If we don’t chop (have sex with a woman) me and you in your bed and (other male friends) on my mattress.’

He was cleared of a second count of rape (Picture: PA)In a series of messages sent within two minutes, Clarke added: ‘Probably will chop… So we’ll have to just both chop in your bed like the good old days!’
Ice cream man threatens shopkeeper with wrench over parkingClarke later described the messages to jurors as ‘light-hearted’ chat.
Ex-Worcestershire CCC all-rounder Alex Hepburn denied two counts of rape relating to the alleged attack in the early hours of April 1, 2017, at his flat in Portland Street, Worcester.
He was today found guilty at Worcester Crown Court of one count of rape after attacking a sleeping woman.
Jurors cleared him of a second rape charge relating to the same victim.


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