Alesha MacPhail’s killer Aaron Campbell’s disturbing friendship with sick mum who groomed girl for paedo website sex show

Alesha MacPhail's killer Aaron Campbell's disturbing friendship with sick mum who groomed girl for paedo website sex show

A SICK teen who raped and murdered Alesha MacPhail struck up a friendship with a sick mum who groomed a schoolgirl for a paedo web sex show, it has been claimed.
Aaron Campbell, 16, “often” came into contact with Zanythe Harrison in the months before he abducted and killed the six-year-old girl in Rothesay, on Bute, last year.
Les Gallagher – The Sun Glasgow Zanythe Harrison received a three year suspended sentence in 2008 after pleading guilty to vile webcam displays involving a 14-year-old girl
Alesha MacPhail killer Aaron Campbell caught by his mother’s CCTV the night he murdered the six-year-old girl
PA:Press Association Aaron Campbell was friends with the sick mum, with locals saying they were concerned over the relationship
Campbell was last week revealed as the warped killer of little Alesha, with the Slender Man-obsessed teen now facing life behind bars for inflicting “catastrophic” injuries on the little girl. 
And the Daily Record today claimed the warped teen would regularly spend time at 38-year-old’s Harrison house on the island after being introduced by a mutual acquaintance.
One local claimed: “Obviously Campbell was obsessed with dark things on the web and I’m sure he would have known about Zanythe’s convictions.
“He maybe thought sex offenders don’t get that much of a punishment.
“This could have played a part in his twisted crime if he thought he would get away with it.”
Former ballet dancer Harrison was just 28-years-old when she was given a suspended prison sentence for directing vile webcam shows for paedophiles in 2008.
The woman would ply the 14-year-old schoolgirl with alcohol before the shows, claiming to the court she had been made to make the shows by an unnamed paedophile.
Harrison admitted contravening the Protection of Children and Sexual Offences, Scotland Act at Greenock Sheriff Court, but charges specifying the girl’s sex acts were dropped.
A judge last week took the extraordinary step of lifting the reporting restrictions on Campbell’s name, citing the brutality of the crime.
Details of his personality were exposed last week as the order was lifted, with it revealed sadistic Campbell was a cat-skinning monster desperate for fame on YouTube with a warped interest in gory video games.
The depraved teenager was said to be “hooked” on the creepy fictional character Slender Man as he worked on a haunting plan to turn his “fantasy into a horrific reality”.
In a sinister echo of Campbell’s real-life crime, Slender Man kidnaps and traumatises youngsters.
He maybe thought sex offenders don’t get that much of a punishment. This could have played a part in his twisted crime if he thought he would get away with it.Bute local
Investigators have since revealed their fears he could have been a serial killer in the making who would have struck again.
A source said: “He’s an utterly warped individual and we’ve stopped a serial killer in his tracks.
“Slender Man searches were found and, when it was Googled, it chilled seasoned investigators to the bone.
“Some of the circumstances between what this character does and what happened to Alesha were carbon copies.”
During his trial, the coward killer tried worming his way out of his horrific crime by spinning a twisted web of lies in an attempt to pin it on Toni McLachlan – the girlfriend of Alesha’s dad.
He even blamed his own mum, who shopped him to cops when she saw CCTV of her son disappearing into the night to abduct Alesha.
But the fiend was caught out, found guilty of grabbing Alesha from her bed after she fell asleep watching a Peppa Pig DVD.
Alesha, who was just 3ft 9ins tall, suffered 117 injuries and died from “forceful pressure to her neck and face”.
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Horrifically, she suffered “catastrophic” sexual injuries both before and after her death after the teenager “brutalised” her.
“Billion-to-one” DNA samples matching the boy were found on 14 different parts of Alesha’s body – including intimate areas and her neck, face and ankles – and her clothing.
Alesha’s mutilated and naked body was found in woods on the Isle of Bute hours later after her devastated family woke up to find she was missing.
Alesha was just six-years-old when she was snatched from her home and killed
Social Media Her killer now faces life behind bars
The teen was obsessed with Slender Man
Alesha MacPhail killer Aaron Campbell vlogged about his life and dreams of being a YouTube star


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