Alesha MacPhail killer spun sick lies and dragged step mum into sex scandal to cover his tracks

Alesha MacPhail killer spun sick lies and dragged step mum into sex scandal to cover his tracks

A CONNIVING 16-year-old convicted of killing Alesha MacPhail boy spun a twisted web of lies as he tried to pin the brutal murder on her dad’s girlfriend.
The teenager, who can’t be named, claimed he had romped with Toni McLachlan before she “planted” his DNA on the six-year-old’s body.
Tragic Alesha MacPhail pictured with dad Robert and his girlfriend Toni McLachlan – who is accused of having sex with the little girl’s alleged killer
He fed jurors a “pack of lies” during his trial but the jury saw through him and he was today convicted after just four hours of abducting, raping and murdering Alesha on July 2 last year.
Glasgow’s High Court heard how the boy had snatched the youngster from her bed on the Isle of Bute while armed with a knife.
He then removed the girl’s clothes and shook her “violently” as he covered her nose, mouth and neck with his hands.
Alesha suffered 117 injuries on her little body and died from “forceful pressure to her neck and face”.
Horrifically, she suffered “catastrophic” sexual injuries both before and after her death.
“Billion-to-one” DNA samples matching the boy were found on 14 different parts of Alesha’s body – including intimate areas and her neck, face and ankles.
DNA was also discovered on Alesha’s shorts, pants and vest, with forensic scientist Stuart Bailey saying “traces of semen attributable to the accused” were present.
Her mutilated body was found in woods on the Isle of Bute hours later after her devastated family woke up to find she was missing.
During evidence, he told jurors he had a “friends with benefits” relationship with Toni – causing Alesha’s dad Robert to storm out of the courtroom.
The teen said he was having sex with Toni “once or twice a week” near the end of 2017 and claimed on the night Alesha vanished, they romped in a garage.
He said: “Toni and me began seeing each other, not in a going out sort of way but more a friends with benefits.
“One day I went to buy weed and I offered if she wanted to smoke with me, because we were both drunk.
“It was a fairly frequent thing – once or twice a week.
“She complained about her relationship to me – Rab was abusing her verbally and physically.”
On the night Alesha is said to have been abducted from her bed, the teen told jurors he had sex with Toni and the used condom was “chucked” on the floor.
The monster claimed Toni then used this to “plant” his semen and implicate him for the horrific crime – which she denied.
Witnesses claimed Toni was “jealous and threatened” by the attention Robert showed to Alesha and claimed she said she was “in a better place” after she was found raped and murdered.
They also told the jury they heard domestic abuse between Toni and Robert around a year before Alesha was killed.
Avil Lax, 67, said she could hear Toni getting “beaten up” over a “good few months” – and claimed she once heard her screaming “help, someone help”.
She reported the abuse to Alesha’s grandparents, but alleges they told her they “didn’t hear anything”.
Ms Lax added: “They didn’t want to blacken Robert’s name, there was a court case coming up over custody of Alesha.”
Giving evidence, Toni sobbed as she told the court she “loved Alesha to pieces” as she was forced to deny having anything to do with her murder.
Iain McSporran, prosecuting, branded the boy’s defence a “pack of lies” as he yesterday urged jurors to convict him based on the “mountain of evidence”.
The day after the grisly discovery was made, the killer’s iPhone was used to Google “how do police find DNA”.
In a chilling Snapchat video sent to pals on the same day, the teen recorded himself in the mirror saying: “Found the guy who’s done it”.
He also sent an eerie Facebook messages over a year before the horror – telling friends: “Might kill 1day for the lifetime experience”.
The brazen murderer then concocted his evil plan to lodge a special defence blaming Toni for Alesha’s gruesome death.
Alesha was reported missing at 6.25am on July 2 and was discovered by a member of the public around 2km away in woodland on the site of a former hotel.
Her devastated mum Georgina Lochrane begged for information about her missing daughter after grandmother Angela issued a desperate plea to find the youngster on social media.
Alongside an adorable photo of the girl, Angela wrote: “Alesha has gone missing from our house please help look for her.”
Georgina then commented on the post, saying: “Someone tell me what’s happened, that’s my daughter.”
She then made the heartbreaking discovery Alesha had been found dead after other users posted links to news reports of the tragedy.
Tributes flooded in for the youngster as stunned locals on the island, which has a tiny community of around 7,500 people, created a makeshift shrine outside the home she was snatched from.
Hundreds of mourners also attended Alesha’s funeral as she was laid to rest in a pink coffin decorated with bows and unicorns.
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Her uncle Calum MacPhail gave an emotional speech, saying: “Alesha would rather hurt than you, she had a great amount of love for absolutely everyone.
“Alesha is everything that I wanted to be, she was kind, caring, smart, I just cannot believe she is gone.
“She was the brightest thing.”
Social Media Alesha MacPhail was found dead in woodland in July last year on the Isle of Bute, Scotland
Alesha MacPhail’s family post video to fulfil her dream of being YouTube star
Getty Images – Getty Toni McLachlan has been accused by the teen of taking the condom the pair used to implicate him
PA:Press Association Alesha’s dad Robert stormed out of court previously as the teen made his accusations
Michael Schofield – The Sun Glasgow Alesha’s mum, Georgina Lochrane, arriving at Glasgow High Court today
The youngster had been spending a summer break with her father and grandparents in the house they shared
The 6-year-old girl Alesha MacPhail’s pink coffin being carried out of her funeral
PA:Press Association A heartbreaking note was left on a floral tribute to the little girl from her mum
PA:Press Association Family members carry Alesha’s tiny pink coffin adorned with unicorns
Alesha was abducted, raped and strangled
Heartbroken mum of Alesha MacPhail, 6, comes face-to-face with boy, 16, charged with abducting, raping and murdering daughter


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