Aldi shoppers reveal their 54 favourite products

Aldi shoppers reveal their 54 favourite products

ALDI shoppers have spoken and it seems the budget supermarket’s own-brand Hunter’s Chicken is its star dish.
The German supermarket, which is a hit with shoppers, now has more than 600 stores across the UK and Ireland after opening its first store here in 1990.
Aldi’s Hunters Chicken has been voted as the supermarket top own-brand item
There are even Facebook appreciation groups for Aldi fans to discuss their latest buys, top deals and recipe ideas.
And one such Facebook group has polled its members on the best and worst own-brand items with The Mirror collating the results.
At the top of the list is Aldi’s Hunter’s Chicken – chicken breasts wrapped with bacon and smothered in bbq sauce and cheddar cheese.
This is followed by Aldi’s Big Daddy Steak and its Dirty Fries.
Aldi’s Applewood Smoked Ham also fared well
The top 54 best Aldi own-brand productsHere are the top 54 Aldi own-brand products

Hunter’s chicken
Big Daddy steak
Dirty fries
Chocolate waffles
Rib eye steak
Cake mixes
Applewood smoked ham
Aldi fruity rosé
Greek yogurt with coconut
Emmental cheese
Chicken tempura
Thai fish cakes
Fresh, readymade salads
Turkey mince
Mediterranean cauliflower rice
Snackrite variety crisps
Chilled lasagne
Steak pies
Hash browns
Cauliflower cheese
Scottish shortbread
Chocolate seashells
Lamb shanks
Chicken tikka from the chiller
Olive butter
Specially selected fish pie
Frozen cheesy garlic bread
Brioche buns
Coconut water
Fish and chips
Cookie dough cake
Chunky chips
Polish bread
Rosemary crackers
Garlic pizza bread
Dough balls
Milk chocolate oaties
Milk chocolate thins
Cornish salted butter
Curly fries
Chunky fries
Sweet potato fries
Pasta bake sauces
Peanut butter edition ice cream cones
Corner yogurts with chocolate balls
Torchon ham
Malted bloomer
Carrot cake
Large cottage pie
Lentil curls

Other top items include the brand’s ready made cake mix, ready made salads and ready meals including chicken tikka and garlic pizza bread.
Trailing in last place is Aldi’s Baked Beans with shoppers rating them as the worst own-brand item.
These were followed by pork pies and bagels.
Halloumi fries, ready made sauces, and condiments, such as ketchup, gravy, pepper and salad cream, also all failed to hit the mark.
But shoppers weren’t so keen on Aldi’s Bake Beans, ranking them the worst own-brand product
The 37 worst Aldi own-brand items

Baked beans
Pork pies
Halloumi fries
Cream crackers
Salted caramel hot chocolate
Carbonara sauce in a glass jar
Bolognese sauce
Microwave rice
Cold ham
Snackrite variety crisps
Shepherd’s pie
Fabric conditioner
Salad cream
Black pepper
Norpak spreadable butter
Instant coffee
Wholemeal bread
Vegetable and chicken stock cubes
Chocolate spread
Two pack of paninis
Chicken kievs
Fresh tomatoes
Frozen chips
Gravy granules
Fish fingers
Almond liquor
Frozen cod
Frozen broccoli
Frozen mixed vegetables
Dolce-gusto-style coffee pods
Tomato ketchup
Chilled lasagne

But some items, such as chips and Snackrite Variety Crisps, made an appearance on both lists indicating that shoppers have a difference in taste.
So perhaps you need to give Aldi a try and make your own conclusion on how great – or not – its food tastes.
The Sun has contacted Aldi for a comment and we’ll update this story if we get one.
Pork pies were the second most unpopular item
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