Aldi shopper shocked to discover supermarket is selling Christmas Eve boxes in MAY

Aldi shopper shocked to discover supermarket is selling Christmas Eve boxes in MAY

SUMMER hasn’t even begun yet but Aldi is already preparing for CHRISTMAS.
A shopper was shocked to see a pile of Christmas Eve boxes on sale at one branch of the discount supermarket – seven months before December.
Deadline News/Andy Brown Shopper Andy Brown spotted a stack of Christmas Eve boxes on sale at one branch of Aldi
Andy Brown, 30, from Bury, Greater Manchester, found the stack of festive boxes in Aldi’s Crostons Retail Park branch on Friday.
They were heavily reduced from £80 to £20, which suggests they could be left over from Christmas last year.
Andy couldn’t believe the festive boxes were on sale in May.
He posted a picture on Twitter and asked the retailer: “Seriously @AldiUK??”
Deadline News Andy Brown was shocked to find Christmas items on sale already
Aldi responded: “Never too early to start preparing for Christmas, Andy!”
Andy said: “I had to double take as I walked past, and pretty much just thought ‘Seriously? It’s May! This is ridiculous.’
“I sent the picture to my sister and my husband who were both also in disbelief.”
Christmas Eve boxes are a fairly new tradition in the UK where parents fill a box with treats for kids to open the day before Christmas.
Deadline News An Aldi spokesman responded on Twitter that it is never too early to prepare for Christmas
Shops have jumped on the trend by selling boxes specifically designed for this tradition, including Aldi.

But stock doesn’t usually launch in stores until after summer is over – not before it’s even started.
One person commented in response to Andy’s picture: “Must be reduced from last Christmas, cause it’s not even BBQ season yet!”
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