Aldi now does alcohol-infused sausages and they’re called boozy bangers

Aldi now does alcohol-infused sausages and they're called boozy bangers

BOOZY bangers from Aldi could make your BBQ this summer – and they only cost £1.99.
The sausages come in two different flavours – one is beer-based and the other is made with cider.
Red_Consultancy There are only four sausages in a pack but you get the same amount of meat that’s in a pack of six normal ones
The cider and bramley apple versions are made with Thatchers while the other is soaked in Golden Ale and paired with vintage cheddar.
Only shoppers over the age of 18 are allowed to buy food infused with alcohol that’s more than 0.5 per cent ABV and these jumbo bangers contain 3.5 per cent alcohol.
It’s not clear whether you’ll need ID to buy them but we’ve asked Aldi and will update this article as soon as we know.
They’re bigger than normal sausages too as they weigh a whopping 100g each compared to 60g for a typical banger.
Aldi You wont need ID to buy the alcoholic sausages
They come in packs of four that weigh 400g in total. You’ll be getting the same amount of meat as what’s in a pack of six British pork sausages from Aldi but with fewer bangers.
At £1.99 for a pack of four, they’re 10p more expensive than a normal pack of sausages from the discounter as well.
We’ve had a look around and the only other boozy banger available to buy on the high street is posh Powters Scrumpy Pig cider and sage sausages.
You’ll be forking out extra for these as they cost £3.09 for a pack of six, which weighs 400g, from Waitrose.
The Aldi bangers are already available to buy but you can’t get them online so you’ll need to head to your nearest store to get them.
The sausages are seasonal too which means that they’ll be around all summer so there’s no need to rush.
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If it’s giant sausages that you’re after, then you might be better heading off to Sainsbury’s which is selling a 1.8 METER sausage that’s rolled up and easier to BBQ.
Tesco also sent shoppers into a giggling frenzy after they spotted it’s new vegetarian sausages on shelves called Little Willies.
Unfortunately, a few batches have already had to be recalled because they contain plastic.
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