Aldi is selling copycat Oreo, Creme Egg, Kinder Bueno and Cadbury Caramel mini eggs for £2

Aldi is selling copycat Oreo, Creme Egg, Kinder Bueno and Cadbury Caramel mini eggs for £2

THOSE struggling to pick just one chocolate egg for Easter should head to Aldi for its bags of copycat Cadbury treats.
The Dairyfine Mini Mix Ups bags weigh 220g and the treats look similar to Oreo, Creme Egg, Kinder Bueno and Cadbury Caramel mini eggs.
instagram/newfoodsuk These copycat mini eggs can be found in Aldi stores
The Aldi bags include a selection of Toffee Egg Bites, Cookies and Cream, Oozy Eggs and Choco Eggs, and although we’re unsure what they taste like, they could be worth a shot as they’re cheaper than Cadbury’s versions.
The treats were first spotted by Instagram account NewfoodsUK, and its followers are pretty excited.
One user said: “Need these! For the kids of course.” While another one wrote: “Have to see if I can find some.”
Each mini egg – weighing six grams – contains just 32 calories so if you’re looking for a little something to munch on over Easter, this could be the (almost) guilt-free thing to snack on.
The mini eggs have so far only been spotted in stores, and we haven’t been able to find them on Aldi’s website.
The Dairyfine bags can be compared to Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, although these are not available in mixing bags of the same kind.
But 82g bags of Oreo and Creme Egg mini bags currently set you back £1 each at Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, meaning you get more chocolate for your bucks at Aldi.
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You can now buy Ferrero Rocher mini eggs in two flavours in time for Easter – and both sound delicious.
Earlier this year, M&M also launched its own version of mini eggs
Last week, a concerned mum also warned that little children under four years old shouldn’t be given mini eggs as they pose a choking hazard.
Mum issues heartbreaking Cadbury’s Mini Egg warning after her daughter choked to death

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