Aldi is selling £2 copycat Nando’s chicken wings for Easter BBQs

Aldi is selling £2 copycat Nando's chicken wings for Easter BBQs

SUPERMARKET Aldi is famous for its cheap copycat own brand dupes – and now it’s selling Nando’s-style chicken wings.
Perfect for an Easter BBQ, the retailer is once again stocking its Los Pollos smokehouse BBQ and buffalo hot and spicy chicken wings.
Aldi Aldi has brought back its £1.99 packs of chicken wings in packaging that looks a lot like it’s from Nando’s
The £1.99 wings come in boxes that look very similar to Nando’s packaging.
The packs have an Aztec design and come in bright primary colours.
The buffalo hot and spicy wings look the most similar to a Nando’s product, as they’re in the chicken chain’s signature colours of yellow. red and orange.
Just like a trip to Nando’s, it’s a little bit cheeky.
Nando’s This is an official Nando’s product – and it bears more than a passing resemblance to Aldi’s Los Pollos product
But buying the wings and cooking them at home is a lot cheaper than dining out at Nando’s.
One 600g pack should serve at least four people, which works out at just 49p each.
At Nando’s, three chicken wings costs £3.95 – and that feeds just one person.
You pay more to have them cooked for you, of course, and to save on the washing up.
Nando’s have announced new Halloumi Sticks and Dip… and the internet is going wild!
But if you’re looking to save a few quid, you could ditch the meal out for a night in with Aldi wings instead.
The wings are on sale in stores only and are now a permanent item, so they should be available all year round.
The wings are cheaper than a similar 600g pack of Chef Select buffalo wings at Lidl, which costs £2.75.
They’re also cheaper than buying a pack of plain chicken wings at any other supermarket and cooking them Nando’s-style yourself.
We’ve asked Aldi how many calories they contain and we’ll update this article if we hear back.
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Aldi sells plenty of dupes. We’ve put some of them to the test.
Lidl has a lot of copycat products too which we’ve also tried out.
Meanwhile, Iceland is selling 24 packs of sausages, drumsticks and burgers for £5 in time for Easter BBQs.

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