Aldi is restricting shoppers to two packs of halloumi fries

Aldi is restricting shoppers to two packs of halloumi fries

SOME Aldi shoppers have been limited to buying just TWO packets of halloumi fries leaving fans of the cheesy treats disappointed.
The discount retailer bought back its super popular halloumi fries just last week with a 190g pack costing £2.29 – 30p more than last year’s £1.99 price.
Aldi Aldi’s halloumi fries are back in stores now – but shoppers are limited to two packs per person
But some Aldi branches have introduced a two pack limit after last year’s batch were so sought-after that they kept selling out in stores across the country.
The Sun has asked Aldi to confirm how many of its stores have brought in this restriction and we’ll update this story if we get a response.
One disgruntled shopper tipped off The Sun to Aldi’s new rule after attempting to buy four packets at the Ashford store in Kent.
Despite there being no signs limiting purchases in sight, when Matt Wells, 26, from Eastbourne in East Sussex got to the till he was told by checkout staff that he could only buy two packs.
As he was with his girlfriend – and they’d driven a whopping 40 minutes to their nearest store – restaurant manager Matt persuaded Aldi’s store manager to allow the purchase, saying they were buying two packs each.
But it’s put him off buying at Aldi in future.’I won’t be shopping at Aldi again’
Matt told us: “After reading your arrival of the comeback of Aldi’s halloumi fries my partner and myself jumped in the car and took the 40-minute drive to our local store in Ashford, Kent.
“I visit Aldi once a month and spend over £100 a month but since this incident I will no longer visit the brand and take my money elsewhere, where I willreceive better customer service and signs where it states if there’s a limit per product per customer.”
A spokesperson for Aldi said: “Our halloumi fries are proving incredibly popular once more, and as a result some stores may be limiting customers to two boxes to ensure that as many customers as possible have a chance to enjoy them.”
Aldi’s popular halloumi fries will be on sale for another five months, until mid-September. Use its store locator tool to find your nearest branch.

Of course, you could always save yourself some cash by making the fries yourself.
A 225g pack of halloumi costs £1.35 at Aldi, so you would save 94p by slicing them up, dusting them with seasoning and frying them.
But health conscious cheese lovers should bear in mind that halloumi fries are probably best enjoyed every now and then as a whole pack contains nearly 800 calories.
An adult man should have around 2,500 calories a day while it’s 2,000 for a woman, according to NHS guidelines.
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But Aldi isn’t the only place where you can snap up halloumi fries, Wetherspoon is also selling them for £3.
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