Adrien Rabiot ‘likes’ Patrice Evra’s Instagram rant threatening to slap PSG hero

Adrien Rabiot 'likes' Patrice Evra's Instagram rant threatening to slap PSG hero

The former left-back was criticised for his post-match celebrations (Pictures: Instagram/Getty)PSG midfielder Adrien Rabiot has again courted controversy after ‘liking’ Patrice Evra’s astonishing Instagram rant in which he defended his over-zealous celebrations following Manchester United’s win.
The Frenchman was accused of being disrespectful both in the stands and by the tunnel after United secured a stunning 3-1 win in the Champions League, yelling ‘This is Manchester!’ alongside the suspended Paul Pogba.
Player turned pundit Jerome Rothen – a former teammate of Evra’s – was furious with the former left-back’s behaviour and criticised him afterwards, saying he lacked respect.

Former United and PSG star Evra was in the Red Devils’ box for Wednesday’s game (Getty)Evra defended himself in a lengthy Instagram live on Friday evening, threatening to slap ‘salty little p***k’ Rothen the next time he sees him, and got some surprising support in the form of Rabiot.
The 23-year-old has been kicked out of the first team since deciding to run down his contract and leave PSG on a free transfer, while he was derided for visiting a nightclub straight after his teammates’ gut-wrenching defeat.
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Fresh from his night out, Rabiot liked Evra’s Instagram post (Picture: Instagram / @patrice.evra)Rabiot appears to have little interest in integrating back into the PSG squad, and stoked tensions further by liking Evra’s social media outburst in which he criticised the French club, their fans and, of course, Rothen.
‘The whole match there was a well-dressed guy in a suit, sitting behind me and Paul, yelling “Ici c’est Paris!” and constantly looking at me,’ Evra explained. ‘I didn’t say anything until the game finished, when I recorded a video in which me and Paul were yelling “Ici c’est Manchester!” as revenge.

‘The French press thinks I’m an enemy of the state for rooting against PSG. Yellow jacket protests? My fault. PSG’s elimination? My fault. The French press is too focused on my celebrations, but I don’t care.’
On Rothen he added: ‘I was told Jerome said some nasty things about me. I didn’t believe it but then I was shown the video. You son of a leaky condom…oops, sorry Mr. Rothen. I really like your father too, look at what you made me do.
‘You really are mad, aren’t you my little blonde? Your reward, next time I see you, I’m going to slap you in the face. These aren’t empty threats, you know we’ll see each other eventually.’
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