Absurd claim that Brits are getting fat as ‘lack of public toilets deters us from exercising outside’ over fears of being ‘caught short’

Absurd claim that Brits are getting fat as 'lack of public toilets deters us from exercising outside' over fears of being 'caught short'

PEOPLE are growing fat because a public loos shortage means many fear taking a walk or run, a charity claims.
One in five stays in more than they wish — reducing exercise opportunities — as they may be “caught short”.
Getty – Contributor Brits are growing fat as many fear exercising outdoors due to a lack of public toilets
The situation is worsening as public toilets close, with 700 shutting since 2010 due to council cutbacks, said the Royal Society for Public Health.
Three in four people reckon there are too few near where they live.
Some 56 per cent do not drink before going out to limit the risk of needing the lav, a poll of 2,089 adults showed.
People most often use loos in supermarkets, restaurants and pubs if there is no council-run facility, the charity adds.
It wants ministers to make it compulsory for councils to provide clean public loos, and suggests taking a penny from bus and train fares to fund them.
Boss Shirley Cramer said axing loos threatened health and mobility.
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She said: “It’s deeply concerning that amid a national obesity crisis, at a time when public health policy is to encourage outdoor exercise, our declining public toilet provision is in fact encouraging more people to stay indoors.
“It’s high time we begin to see them as basic and essential parts of the community – like pavements and street lights.”
The Local Government Association said councils want to keep loos open but have to make “tough choices” due to dwindling financial resources.
Getty – Contributor The survey showed adults fear getting caught short without access to a loo
‘I have hoarded so much stuff over 17 years I can’t get out to the toilet or clean up after my cat – and there are maggots in my kitchen’


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