A supper club with food and sex on the menu is coming to London soon

A supper club with food and sex on the menu is coming to London soon

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)Adventurous (and horny) diners will descend upon Shoreditch next weekend for a supper club where the theme is food, sensuality and sexuality.
The evening is hosted in a townhouse at a secret location, revealed to guests via email a few days before the event, which has been designed into a 70s-themed Tokyo hotel for the occasion.
Guests will be treated to a three-course meal, while entertainers mingle in the room as part of an immersive experience ‘designed to tease and stimulate more than just the taste buds’.
After several hours of a foreplay-esque performance, we anticipate you’ll be able to cut the sexual tension with a knife – but the night isn’t over.
From 10.30pm to 2am, guests can drink, flirt and make good use of the rooftop hot tub.
Two evenings are planned this coming weekend, for Friday 5 April (for singles only) and Saturday 6 April (open to all). Saturday’s event is already sold out.
The sensual supper club will be held quarterly – each time in a different decadent venue – with dates confirmed until 2020.
All genders and sexualities are welcome and tickets cost £85 per person, which includes the experience, dinner, a bottle of wine and a welcome cocktail.

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)‘Our Sensual Supper Clubs are daring and dramatic, a chance for guests to journey through quality cuisine and sensuous pleasure in a luxurious and safe space,’ said Haneen Khan, production director at Unforbidden, organisers of the event.
‘Everything is beautifully tantalising but tasteful.
‘Guests will be enchanted and entertained, and our aim is to help people challenge their personal boundaries and unlock a new side to themselves.
‘While the night has to be experienced to be described, it is unlike anything anywhere else in London.’
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Here’s the best part – we’re attending.
Check back in next week to find out just how racy things can get when you combine food, sex and sensuality.
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