84 dead and 200 hospitalised after drinking illegal alcohol in India

84 dead and 200 hospitalised after drinking illegal alcohol in India

Dozens of female tea plantation workers are among 84 dead after drinking bootleg alcohol in India.
Another 200 people are in hospital after consuming the toxic liquor in the north eastern state of Assam.
The tragedy comes less than two weeks after more than 100 people died from drinking tainted alcohol in northern India.

Many of the dead had just been paid (Picture: AFP)

People stand next to the bodies of tea plantation workers, who died after consuming bootleg liquor, in Golaghat in the northeastern state of Assam (Picture: Reuters)Assam Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said: ‘Every 10 minutes we are getting reports of casualties from different places.
‘So far about 200 people are in hospital with many of them critical.
‘Doctors from nearby districts and other medical colleges have been rushed in to deal with the crisis.’
Deaths from illegally produced alcohol, known locally as hooch or country liquor, are common in India, where many cannot afford branded spirits.

The tragedy happened in the northeastern state of Assam (Picture: Google Maps)

Many of the dead were female tea plantation workers (Picture: EPA)The death tolls from the two recent incidents, however, are believed to be the deadliest since a similar case killed 172 in West Bengal in 2011.
Dilip Rajbnonshi, a doctor at the government hospital in Golaghat, located some 30 miles southwest of Jorhat said the deaths were due to ‘spurious country liquor’.
A number of women are also among the casualties, as many of those that drank the liquor were tea plantation workers who had just received their weekly wages, according to another government official.
It is believed the tainted liquor was laced with methyl alcohol, a chemical that attacks the central nervous system.
The stricken started to fall unconscious and died after being rushed to nearby hospitals.
The owner of a local brew making unit and four others have been arrested.


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