Nigerian Parents Paying For Children To Learn British Accent In Abuja – NAN Reports

February 27, 2018 7:51 am

Some parents in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have admitted that they pay extra fees for their children to learn how to speak with British accent.
The parents, who spoke in separate interviews with Agency of Nigeria (NAN), gave several reasons why they felt having British accent would help the children, with some regarding it as proper education.

Investigations in some schools revealed that the teaching of British accent had been included in the curriculum. The classes, developed to satisfy parents, were named ‘Phonics’, ‘Elocution’, ‘Enunciation’ and ‘Diction.

These classes were most times separated from the normal English and Literature lessons commonly found in schools and were allocated special times in the timetable.

Classes in the schools go for cumulative prices between N10,000 and N25,000 per term, added to the standard school fees.

According to some parents, having their children speak in British accent gives them a feeling that they are receiving proper formal education; unlike the standard they (parents) had in their time.

They said since English originated from Britain, it was important that children learned to speak it in the proper accent, adding that it would help the children to relate better with people abroad.

Mrs Christina Ayuba, a businesswoman said she was glad that her children were being taught British accent in school. She said although she did not fully understand the way the children speak lately, she was proud that they speak that way, as it made her feel like she was giving them the best education.

Another parent, Mr Oyietari Oboro, an engineer with two children told NAN that he hired a tutor to teach his children the accent at home; in addition to lessons they receive in school.

He added that it was a necessary skill as the world was going global and people needed to be armed with the right conversational skills; noting that British accent had become an added advantage.

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