After a Filipino maid was found dead in deep freezer in Kuwait, the Philippines acts & blasts Kuwait


The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry is looking to resolve issues with the Philippines, in response to the announcement that Filipino workers would be evacuated from Kuwait this week – after Philippines president, Rodrigo Duterte spoke out about the ‘mistreatment of his countrymen’.

Duterte orders Filipino workers to leave Kuwait in 72 hours

Duterte’s remarks came after a Filipino woman’s body was found dead in a freezer in Kuwait last week, according to Reuters.
Kuwaiti authorities have referred the case of the murdered woman to Interpol, citing that the incident does not represent Kuwait, and the offenders were expats. Duterte made a public statement on the matter, after announcing a ban on the deployment of workers, saying: “I implore you, I am making a plea to all Arabs, the Filipino is no slave to anyone, anywhere and everywhere. “Do not give us back a battered worker or a mutilated corpse.”
The Philippines president warned ‘drastic measures’ would follow.
The Philippines has placed a deployment ban on migrant workers to Kuwait.
All new employment departures have been cancelled, and Duterte also said the country would be working with the national airlines to evacuate Filipino workers wanting to leave Kuwait.
Kuwait authorities are looking to resolve the issue with the Filipino government and with Interpol on the case.

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