A woman has been fined in Dubai & deported for attempting to commit suicide


A 28-year-old woman has been fined and deported after attemping to commit suicide, it has been reported.

The Jordanian national, who suffers from anxiety and panic disorders was found in her flat by her cleaner. 
The woman swallowed 50 Prazolam pills – which are used to treat panic and anxiety disorders, and was in a 40-day coma after. 
Paramedics rushed to the house

And managed to bring her back to life. 
The woman was connected to a ventilator. 
When the woman was discharged from hospital, she tried to fly out of Dubai, but was unable to leave the country
The woman was directed to present at the police station, and was charged with possessing banned substances and attempted suicide. 
She pled not guilty in court, showing medical reports that she had prescription medication. The woman also denied attempting to kill herself, rather stated she had taken her medication and slept. 
She was fined AED5,000. 
Anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts is recommended to consult professional help. Online services are also available to help those in need.

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