Photo: Will Smith celebrates 20 years of marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith

January 2, 2018 11:44 am

Yesterday, Will Smith took to Instagram to celebrate his 20-year marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith and shared what their relationship taught him about love.

Accompanying a photo of their wedding day in 1997, the actor wrote:

“20 Years Ago Today we held hands and walked naively down that aisle. Here’s what I’ve learned since.
Love is Like Gardening… I have learned to focus on HELPING you to BLOSSOM into what YOU want to be (into what you were born to be)… Rather than Demanding that you become what my Fragile Ego needs you to be.
I’ve learned to take pleasure in Nourishing YOUR dreams… Rather than wrestling with you to Fulfill my Selfish Needs & Satiate My Insecurities.
I have learned that
Love is Listening.
Love is Giving.
Love is Freedom.
Happy Anniversary, My Queen! I am forever Devoted to Nurturing your Deepest Truth.”

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