Extensive LIST of banned medications you might unknowingly be carrying into the UAE

January 7, 2018 11:38 am

Travellers beware, you may be unknowingly carrying banned substances into the UAE.

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A detailed list of substances, which contain popular ingredients including codeine and pseudoephiderine has been issued by the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

Travellers found with any on the list could face arrest and deportation, depending on the quantity found.

“Amount of medicines carried by any traveller should not be exceeded for a period of thirty days of treatment”

The course of action will depend based on quantity, whether the amount is for personal use, or whether the person is carrying the item to sell in the UAE.
However, you can seek permission from the Registration and Drug Control Department of the ministry before you travel, to ensure you’ll have permission to enter with small quantities.
Travellers are expected have a valid medical prescription if carrying the items.

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Here are the first 20 items listed, find the full list HERE.

For more information you can Narcotics and Psychotropic Control Section, Registration and Control Department at the Ministry of Health and Prevention or call 026117505.

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