4 Nigerian Final Year Students Design A Campus Surveillance Drone In Imo State (Photos/Video)

January 8, 2018 8:34 pm

Four final year students from the engineering department in Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) have constructed a quadcopter surveillance drone for the university campus as a school project.

The students; Ekeh Isidore, Kizito Onyema, Aloysius Nwokedike and John Kenedy Kalu made the drone with a wood constructed Controller and First Person View (FPV) system, the drone pilot sees the video footage of the campus in real time.

More photos of the project below and some reactions;

Pedro Gustavez And behold the God of Rochas have located you, Ngwanu knack am one statue in the middle of owerri market
And behold the drone street owerri

Ikekwem VicRoyal This is awesome. Coming from my state. At least let me proudly answer an IMO state man since Rocha’s madness started.
This time I think moulding you guys are necessary. If he doesn’t mould you, I will mould you guys myself. Lol. Thumbs up boys

Onyeka Liberty Taa they orderd the parts and assemble it let me hear word what do they know about rotor blade engine and data transmission


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