Photos: Libyan Ambassador To Cameroon Beaten By Citizens Protesting Slavery In Libya


According to Facebook user and Sun Newspaper senior editor, Peter Agba, aggrieved youths of Cameroon beat up Libyan Ambassador to stupor yesterday in retaliation of the ungodly act going on in his country.

Photo below;

See some reactions:

Le Maestro Maestro Why not do the same to oppressors such as France, England, USA, Israel who make life hard for us in Cameroon.

Zianna Nyesha Lakes 2 wrongs don’t make a right is this the solution 🤔 its hard to blame one man for this on going crime… Violence is not the answer it only makes it worst… This man might not even be involved.. How do we know?? Could be fake news..

Update!!! Punch Newspaper Posted an incorrect news, after our research we found out this is not the real lybian ambassador


Mohamed Khitiumi is the real Libyan Ambassador to cameroon

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