Nigerian Man Cries Out After Sokoto Hospital Nurses Compounded His Pains By Dressing His Wounds With A Masking Tape


Nigerian Man 🌴Bakaræ A² ☄‏ @superbaky cries out on twitter after Sokoto hospital nurses compounded his pains by dressing his wounds with a masking tape;

If i start to yarn you how the thing dey go, Sokoto nurses, I salute thee
Hospital dressed my wound with masking tape, now they telling me the wound is infected..

see some reactions below;

jaykemmy So everybody saying government, is it government that gave them a masking tape to use for a patient?…..I guess a medical practitioner should know better even if the government doesn’t provide this equipments….ignorance is killing everybody…..since we always want to blaim the government

karahbetter Lol..funny enough nurses are really considerate but they get blamed most times for everything. think she’s happy having to see your wound infected n having to start all over again? How much is plaster that the government hospital can’t provide? Some nurses have to expose themselves to infections because the hospitals these days can’t provide gloves to work with n then once issues like this come up,you hear hateful comments..I wear the shoes so I understand, if u know nothing about the struggle, you should really not spit venom because you can..

onomcious Make them know dear, because when things like this happens it’s the nurses fault as if the nurses owns the hospital🙄 Call out your government that refused to make supply🙂🤥



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