The pair inspect Meghan's engagement ring, which includes a large diamond from Botswana, where they had one of their first dates together camping out under the stars

The most embarrassing thing Prince Harry’s fiancée, Meghan Markle has ever done


Newly engaged actress and future royal, Meghan Markle reveals in a hangout/interview with Piers Morgan, the most embarrassing thing she’s ever done.

‘What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done,’ Piers asked.

‘Oh God,’ she cried, laughing out loud in shame, ‘I was one of the briefcase girls on Deal Or No Deal [the US version]. I cringe myself when I think about it now, but it paid the rent.’ ‘What number case were you?’ ‘24, which nobody ever chose. I’d stand there for hours in very cheap very high heels waiting for someone to pick me so I could sit down again, and it hardly ever happened.’

Piers asked her if she’d always wanted to be an actress.

‘No! As a kid, I wanted to either be President of the United States or a news broadcaster like you. I’m also a trained calligrapher. I did all the cards and envelopes for Robin Thicke’s wedding! We’re losing the art of handwriting and it’s such a shame. There’s still something incredibly romantic and special about a guy writing to a girl and putting pen to paper rather than emailing it, whether his writing is chicken scratch or looks like a doctor’s note.’

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