Say what now? Tupac Shakur’s private part PHOTO (18+) up for auction

November 25, 2017 11:30 am

A never-before-seen photo of Tupac Shakur with his dick out went up for auction and Faith Evans isn’t here for it.

The uncensored image is currently available at Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction house and bidding started at $15,000. As of this writing, no one has placed a bid.

The rapper’s ex-girlfriend, who is choosing to remain anonymous, snapped the shot.
“This nude photograph of Tupac was taken in 1990 at a house party in Marin County. Always the showman (and jokester!) Tupac would, on occasion, drop his pants when least expected and catch his friends by surprise,” she said. “On this particular night, when my camera was about to go off taking a group shot, he did it again! I told him I was going to zoom in if he didn’t move fast and yank his pants up, but he just grinned at me and didn’t budge. Flash! These singular photos capture the playful, spontaneous and uninhibited side of Tupac.”
TMZ caught up with Faith Evans and got her thoughts on the matter and she basically feels it’s just a sign of the times. She also brought up the fact that someone auctioned off the door to the car that Biggie was shot & killed in.

You can place your bid HERE.
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