Photos: Malia Obama’s BF who was spotted kissing her is British

November 23, 2017 9:13 pm

The British public schoolboy pictured kissing Malia Obama is related to a former senior aide to the Queen.

The sophomore Harvard student was caught on video sharing a passionate kiss with the former First Daughter on Saturday 

Rory Farquharson, former head boy at one of the UK’s most prestigious schools, was caught in a passionate clinch with 19-year-old Malia on Saturday. The 19-year-old investment banker’s son has described himself as an ‘over-confident public school boy’ with an eye for the opposite sex. Rugby schoolmate Mstislav Kochkin told Sun Online: ‘He was a nice guy, a good student and a good friend. ‘He was sometimes a bit arrogant and quite popular with the ladies. ‘Everyone from school is talking about this on Facebook, it is a big surprise.’ Rory, who was head boy at the £32,000-a-year prestigious Rugby School, has links to the royals as his second cousin was the Queen’s Assistant Master of the Household at Buckingham Palace.

Royal links: Rory Farquharson, former head boy at one of the UK's most prestigious schools, kissed the former First Daughter at an American football match at Harvard
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