Photos: Malawian Farmer Dies While Hunting For Rabbit

November 12, 2017 8:58 pm

30-year-old Malawian farmer, Stanley Dalikeni, from Mkoko, TA Kalolo Lilongwe, who told his friends that he wanted to fetch mice in the surrounding garden, was found dead and in decomposed state on Saturday by herders.

He was buried at same spot, shortly after Mchinji Police visited the scene of the incident. According to the Village head who said the late Stanley was his employee, the deceased went to a maize garden for land preparation alongside other laborers but never returned.

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Here is how Malawi Breaking News and Gossip are reporting it;

The picture shows dead body of Stanley Dalikeni, aged 30, who was found in a decomposed state this morning, his head and arms inside the ditch (as seen in the picture).
The deceased, who hailed from Lilongwe and was in Mchinji working as a tenant for Patrick Phiri of TA Mlonjeni, had informed his bwana that he had gone mice hunting on Wednesday this week. However, Dalikeni never returned and his bwana thought he had gone to his home as he had done like that before.
Only to be discovered this morning dead due to being bitten by a poisonous snake.
Due to advanced decomposed state of the body, a grave was dug nearby and he was buried in it.

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