Nigerian Lady Uses Beautiful Meme Photos To Celebrate Her Parents’ 34th Wedding Anniversary

November 27, 2017 8:40 am

Nigerian lady Eketi Edima Ette has just taken to facebook to use memes to celebrate her parents’ 34th wedding anniversary, Eketi Edima Etteshared the below photos with the caption;

These two…. My parents…. I don’t chook my mouth in their matter anymore. If I hear ‘pim’, I say, “Abeg o ! Don’t tell me. Before you people will use me to settle your quarrel.”
And so it came to pass….26th of November makes it 34 years together. (They said I should start counting from their white wedding. Okay o).
Happy anniversary to you, Val and Babe. I love you both like kilode. 😍😍😍 Wishing you 34 more years of love, friendship and your unique wahala.

P/S I’m glad y’all too old to make more babies. Otherwise….all this kissery since morning….I’d be really worried.
Still, I’m watching y’all… 😏

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