BREAKING: Soldier kills captain, self in Chibok (DETAILS)

November 13, 2017 1:19 am

BREAKING: Soldier kills captain, self in Chibok (DETAILS)

A trigger-happy soldier has killed an army officer and himself in Chibok, Borno State following attempts by the officer to stop him from alleged professional misconduct.

Sources in Chibok said soldier, a staff sergeant, with the Nigerian Army was reported to his commander for allegedly assaulting and flogging some civilians in the town. This prompted one of his superiors, a captain to ascertain the claim and possibly stop him. The incident occurred on Sunday, the source said.

“The captain found out that the soldier was actually flogging people and assaulting them. So he decided to disarm the soldier but the staff sergeant pulled the trigger and fired the captain. The officer slumped,” a Chibok resident who pleaded anonymity told Daily Sun.

Another resident said the soldier fired the second shot on the captain who was already gasping for breath. The soldier then fled having realised the officer was dead.

While fleeing the scene of the shooting, the soldier reportedly shot himself too and died.

A military source not authorised to speak on the matter also corroborated the account of the residents, describing it as unfortunate.

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