Artists condemn sexual abuse against women in US, Europe

November 23, 2017 10:00 pm
Sexual misconduct allegations have rocked Hollywood, the media, and Capitol Hill in recent weeks.
Norwegian artists and musicians have denounced sexual harassment against women following mounting allegations of sexual abuse by men in power in the and Europe. 
“Shame and guilt must go to where they belong: among those who harass and those who protect (the perpetrators),” said a declaration signed by 295 female singers published by the Norwegian daily Aftenposten on Thursday.
In a separate declaration condemning rape, assault and harassment, 706 female musicians pointed out that “there is no reason to believe that the music community is better” in the Scandinavian country in comparison to other countries across the world.
Scandinavian countries claim to be what is described as gender–friendly, meaning women in these countries are allegedly not discriminated against by gender.
Aftenposten published several anonymous testimonials from artists who reported sexual violence, pressure and humiliation.
“In Oslo, I was the victim of aggression from someone I had a thing with,” one musician wrote. “I thought like others that this is something common, that it wasn’t worth doing something about.”
Another singer said that during her career, she received uninterrupted comments on her looks and sexuality.
“I had countless text messages from colleagues writing about my looks and nothing about the job I had just done.”
Last week, Norwegian actresses signed a similar statement against sexual abuse and inappropriate advances on women in the country by men in power positions.
In the neighboring Scandinavian country of Sweden, nearly 2,000 female musicians denounced rape, harassment and sexual abuse, as well.
The move by Scandinavian women follows a series of high-profile scandals that have engulfed a number of well known figures in the and Europe.
Former US President Bill Clinton (C) at a function held in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on November 7, 2017 in New York City (Photo by AFP)
The scandals started with Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein which opened the floodgates to sexual allegations.
The wave of scandals then engulfed actors Kevin Spacey and Bill Cosby, as well as politicians like US President Bill Clinton, Republican Senate hopeful Roy Moore and Democratic Senator Al Franken, among others.
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