Thousands of people evacuated in Poland to remove World War II bomb


An aerial view shows bombs exploding during a German bombing of in September 1939. (File photo)

Thousands of people were evacuated in eastern Poland on Sunday after a huge World War II bomb was found during construction work there.
Authorities ordered the evacuation of about 10,000 people from their homes in the northeastern city of Bialystok to allow for the defusing and removal of the 500-kilogram World War II-era bomb.
The German ST-500 bomb was found late last week during road work in Bialystok, located 190 kilometers northeast of the Polish capital, Warsaw.
Reports said bomb disposal experts had brought a crane to lift the bomb onto a special truck to transport it to a military base where it would be destroyed at a test range.
Fierce fighting took place in Poland during World War II between the Nazi Germans and the Soviet Red Army.
Bombs like the one found on Sunday are often discovered at construction sites in Poland, in particular in Warsaw, where about 90 percent of the city center was destroyed in German bombing before the war ended.

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