Gary Lineker heads people react to UK election exit poll in shock on Twitter

has led Twitter reaction to the shock exit poll prediction of a hung parliament
Gary Lineker heads a list of social media users who are mocking Mrs May over the poll results.
The Match Of The Day presenter tweeted that “ has won own goal of the season” after troubling numbers for the Tories, in what could be an extraordinary night of voting.

Social media exploded at the broadcasters’ figures, with the likes of Piers Morgan, Harriet Harman and Martin Lewis also having their say.
Diane Abbott has become a laughing stock on social media again as the reaction to the surprise exit poll suggesting is on for a Hung Parliament continues to pour in.Scathing critics suggested she had been behind the maths around the polls, following her car crash interviews during the campaign which saw her make huge mistakes on policing figures, suggesting they could be paid 30p a year.

Others have been posting pictures of toast on Twitter as a reference to Theresa May’s job prospects come tomorrow morning.
The Prime Minister called the vote when she had a 22-point lead in most surveys, but throughout the campaign her ratings have steadily collapsed.
Paul Nuttall was among many to claim that Brexit had been put in jeopardy if Mrs May’s mandate for leaving the EU is weakened by a Labour surge.

Europhiles such as Lily Allen were optimistically quick to point out that it presented a ‘u-turn’ in voter consensus.

Rumours were also abound on social media, coming from the counts, that Home Secretary Amber Rudd was in trouble in her Hastings and Rye Seat.
Senior Ukip figure Suzanne Evans declared that, if the exit poll was correct, it would be ‘one of the worst nights’ in Conservative history.
And the shock exit poll showed that, despite remaining as the largest party, they would lose their overall majority – and her gamble will have failed.
Many people were particularly worried about the the prospect of a Hung Parliament, considering the damage this could cause to any Brexit negotiations.
One of the common themes of the early stages of the night appears to be a lot of love for the BBC’s longstanding election host, David Dimbleby.

The veteran broadcaster has been christened ‘Dimblebae’ by Twitter, a play on the ‘bae’ term used to describe a cherished figure.
While the ’s population may be split over their political allegiances, it seems pretty much everyone can agree on their adoration for the 78-year-old.

It is rumoured that this may be the final time ‘Dimblebae’ fronts the BBC’s election coverage – he has hosted ten since Margaret Thatcher first came to power in 1979.
Another of the hot trends tonight were references to ‘the most naughty thing Theresa May has ever done’ when she ‘ran through fields of wheat as a child’.
The Prime Minister has come in for much ridicule on social media with many now saying calling the election was her ‘worst’ act.

When asked the question on ITV earlier this week, Mrs May said: ‘Oh goodness me. Um. Well, I suppose – gosh. Do you know, I’m not quite sure,’ before admitting that she and her friend had once run through a field of wheat, angering farmers.
As Britain prepares for yet another huge night of voting the social media brigade has been on as good form as ever – with a series of hilarious memes circulating the web.
Supporters of all sides have been piling in, with comparisons being made between politicians and other popular culture figures.
From Diane Abbott’s questionable maths skills during the campaign, to unfavourable Theresa May lookalikes, many frontline politicians have been given some rather brutal treatment.
One Twitter user scouring through the music channels just after the polls opened this morning also spotted that all of its listings had been changed to ‘get out and vote’.
Below are some of the best mock-ups and gags from Twitter.

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