US President Donald Trump supporters clash with protesters at MAGA rallies

Scuffles have erupted in
several cities as supporters of President faced off
protesters at Make America Great Again (MAGA) rallies.

of Trump supporters gathered near Independence Hall in Philadelphia at
midday Saturday, taking part in a MAGA march, which was part of a
nationwide event honoring President Trump’s signature campaign slogan,
“Make American Great Again.”
They were met by a counter
demonstration. The protests were largely peaceful but insults and jibes
were exchanged between the two sides and police had to intervene.
“This march is over. All of you have to disperse,” said a Philadelphia police officer.
Both groups dispersed shortly after 3 p.m. Saturday.
more than 2,000 people turned out for a MAGA rally on the boardwalk in
Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Scuffles broke out between pro-and
anti-Trump marchers.
Apart from the incident, in which the anti-Trump demonstrators were pushed out of the fray, the rally was reportedly peaceful.
California, Trump supporters holding a rally in Huntington Beach
clashed with protesters, which led to the arrest of four people.

rally participants are seen during the Southern California Make America
Great Again march in Huntington Beach, California, March 25, 2017.
(Photo by Reuters)The fights started early in
the afternoon when around a dozen anti-Trump protesters dressed in all
black refused to move from a bike path to allow a larger group of Trump
supporters to pass.
“I’m not just here in support of Trump, but
our vets, military, police officers and emergency responders,” said
Darlene Savord of Tustin, one of the organizers.
She later
described the event as “a huge, huge success,” and dismissed the
violence. “We had a lot of Trump supporters here, which shows that we
are united.”

detain anti-Trump demonstrators during a pro-Trump rally in Huntington
Beach, California, March 25, 2017. (Photo by Reuters)Before the rally began, counter-protesters said they were planning to try to stop the march’s progress with a “human wall.”
this month, a rally in Berkeley, California, turned violent as
Trump supporters clashed with counter-protesters in several fights that
led to the arrest of 10 people and left at least seven people injured.
on Saturday, hundreds of people attended another pro-Trump rally at
McKinley Park in Sacramento and marched to Sutter’s Fort.
They were only met by one lone anti-Trump protester.
doing this in honor of our veterans, our first responders, police
department, firemen, you name it,” said Alicia Peterson, the leader of
the Northern California MAGA march. “This is a nationwide event, all
states at the same place at the same time.”

US President Donald Trump tweeted following the MAGA march rallies, March 25, 2017. (Credit: Twitter)Trump later thanked his supporters via Twitter.

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