Two toddlers locked in bedroom by ‘sadistic’ father


‘Sadistic’: The image, released by the Crown Prosecution Service, shows the bedroom where the now-jailed father of three kept two of his children.

This is the filthy room where a father locked away his two toddlers, with nothing more than a bed and two bottles between them.
Upsetting images taken by social workers show hand prints on the walls smeared with faeces where the desperate toddlers had attempted to raise the alarm.
Derbyshire Crown Court heard how the rest of the home was neat and tidy – with a fridge full of food and children’s toys still in packaging.
But it was a different story inside the ‘cell’ where the two and three year old were kept.
The father, in his 40s, has been jailed for 29 months after admitting neglect. The mother also admitted neglect but is yet to be charged.
A court heard how a neighbour raised the alarm after hearing constant crying.

When the toddlers were found by a social worker, they were dressed only in t-shirts and nappies and were suffering from sores and blisters.

Hand prints: Police have obstructed the image, which shows markings on the walls covered in faeces, to prevent the identity of the children from being revealed.

They could only communicate using ‘primal screams’ or grunts. One of the only words they could say clearly, was ‘car’.
A judge said they will never know the full extent of the damage this neglect will have on them.
Derbyshire Crown Court was told a social worker was called to the property after a neighbour raised concern. A jury heard the father had been caring 
for his bedbound wife and two children for two months, but had failed ‘miserably’.
The experienced social worker found the toddlers and when they were later examined, they were found to have faeces between their toes and in cuts on their hands and feet.
They also had sores on their bodies and blisters and reddening of their legs from being kept in a cold environment.
She said she was immediately hit by a ‘strong smell of faeces’ when she entered the room. Inside lay a single toddler’s bed with a ‘disgustingly dirty mattress’.

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