Saudi embassy confirms London attacker visited Saudi Arabia three times


A police officer
walks by floral tributes with other bystanders in Parliament Square in
front of the Houses of Parliament in central on March 24, 2017
two days after the March 22 terror attack on the British parliament and
Westminster Bridge. (Photo by AFP)

The Saudi embassy in the
has confirmed that London attack suspect Khalid Masood
visited the kingdom three times, including two stints teaching English

Britain’s The Sun newspaper reported on
Friday that the man who carried out a deadly car ramming and stabbing
attack near the Houses of Parliament was a former English teacher
working at the institution controlling ’s civil .
In response, the Saudi embassy issued a statement late on Friday confirming the Sun report.
Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia wishes to clarify that Khalid Masood was
in Saudi Arabia from November 2005 to November 2006 and April 2008 to
April 2009, when he worked as an English teacher having first obtained a
work visa,” the embassy said in a statement.
“In 2015, he obtained an Umra visa through an approved travel agent and was in the Kingdom from the 3rd-8th March,” it added.
his time in Saudi Arabia, Khalid Masood did not appear on the security
services’ radar and does not have a criminal record in the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia,” the statement claimed.

King Salman (L) and British Prime Minister Theresa May attend a
(Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council summit on December 7, 2016, in the
Bahraini capital Manama. (Photo by AFP)At least
four people were killed and 50 others were injured in the attack on
Wednesday after the assailant plowed a car into pedestrians and stabbed a
police officer near the British Parliament in London, an incident that
has been declared a terrorist incident. The attacker was also shot dead
by the police.
The Saudi embassy expressed its condolences to
the British people, saying the kingdom “continues to stand with the
United Kingdom during this difficult time and reaffirms its commitment
to continue its work with the United Kingdom in any way to assist in the
ongoing investigation.”
The embassy went on to say that the
“attack in London this week has again demonstrated the importance of
international efforts to confront and eradicate terrorism.”
such a time, our ongoing security cooperation is most crucial to the
defeat of terrorism and the saving of innocent lives,” it stated.

Masood, the assailant of the deadly attack is treated by emergency
services outside the Houses of Parliament in London on March 22, 2017.
(Photo by Reuters)This is while Saudi Arabia,
where Wahhabism is widely preached and practiced, stands accused of
sponsoring terrorist groups, such as Daesh, across the
Daesh and other Takfiri terror groups use the extremist
ideology to declare people of other faiths as “infidels” and thus to
kill them.
Fifteen of the 19 hijackers who allegedly carried out
the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States came from Saudi
Arabia and available evidence suggests some of them were linked to
high-ranking Saudi officials.
Saudi Arabia has been engaged in a military campaign against Yemen
since March 2015 to reinstate the country’s resigned president, Abd
Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a staunch ally of Riyadh, and undermine the Houthi
Ansarullah movement.
The Saudi war has killed more than 11,400
Yemenis, and taken a heavy toll on the country’s facilities and
infrastructure, destroying many hospitals, schools, and factories.
Syria, the Saudi regime has been sponsoring Takfiri terrorists fighting
against the government of President Bashar al-Assad since 2011 in a
conflict that has taken the lives of a half a million Syrians.

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