Republican state senator Joey Hensley of Hohenwald accused of affair with cousin


‘Don’t Say Gay’ campaigner Joey Hensley. Photo / Facebook

Republican state senator , , is a family doctor and runs his campaigns on Christian family values.
However, the 61-year-old senator failed to appear in court last week to testify in the divorce proceedings of Hohenwald Vice Mayor Don Barber and his wife Lori.
Hensley refused to show up to the hearing, citing legislative and medical privilege.
“I didn’t have time to do it,” Hensley said when contacted by Nashville Scene.
“I had nothing to do with the court case, and any testimony I would have given wouldn’t have made any difference.”
The divorcing Barbers both said in sworn testimonies that Hensley has been having an affair with Lori since 2014. She is a a part-time nurse in Hensley’s medical practice in Lewis County, she is also his second cousin and his patient.

Senator Hensley is known for sponsoring the “Don’t Say Gay” bill which would have banned teachers from mentioning homosexuality.Court documents reveal Barber, who has a history of opiod abuse, was prescribed the medication by Hensley, which she was taking at a rate that concerned her parents.
He also had a bill passed allowing college counselors to refuse to serve LGBT students who are considering suicide.
Hensley is currently sponsoring a bill that would make children created using donor sperm illegitimate.

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