Police searching for British backpacker Shane Marsden who vanished in Thailand via New Zealand after texting his mum: ‘I’m sorry’

March 12, 2017 10:30 pm

Shane Marsden, 28, has not been in contact with his family since Tuesday. Photo / Supplied

Police are searching for a British backpacker who vanished in Thailand – after texting his mum: “I’m sorry.”
Shane Marsden, 28, has not been in contact with his family since Tuesday.
His mum Wendy yesterday said: “In the early hours of Tuesday I got a message from him saying he was sorry.
“I didn’t even know he was in Thailand.”
He had been travelling in with his girlfriend but they broke up out there.

It’s thought Shane, of Gloucester, is in Thailand and that he travelled there from New Zealand.”She is devastated, no one knows what to do.”
Gloucestershire Police said they’re working with Interpol to try and find him.
Wendy wrote on Facebook: ‘Wish I never had to post this but can my friends who know my son Shane Evans please share this appeal to contact someone we are very concerned for his welfare.

Shane’s mother Wendy has posted frantic messages on Facebook. Photo / via Facebook

“Police are talking of making a fb appeal. He last messaged me a very distressing message Monday.

“Last heard in Thailand….. ‘
On the day Shane went missing she wrote: “Never ever been so scared and feeling so useless.”
In her most recent Facebook post, Wendy wrote: “So now a lady says she dropped Shane at Christchurch airport Monday and he was getting flight to Vietnam even had his itinerary????? This is all crazy…..”
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