North Korea vows preemptive strike against South Korea, US

March 26, 2017 2:31 pm

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appears on a screen during a confetti-filled concert at the Pyongyang Arena in May 2016.

North has condemned a joint military drill between South and the United States and threatened a preemptive strike.
Korean and US troops began large-scale war games on March 1 conducted
annually with the participation of American warships and reconnaissance
Earlier this month, USS Carl Vinson joined the drill.
South Korean officials say US special troops are also set to take part
in the joint exercises.
“As long as the US and ’s
troops and means … remain in and around South Korea, they should keep in
mind that our military will carry out annihilating attack at anytime
without any prior warning,” a statement read on North Korean broadcaster
KCTV said on Sunday.
The war games called Foal Eagle will be
continued until the end of April. Last year, it involved about 17,000
American troops and more than 300,000 South Koreans.
Korea said in a letter to the UN Security Council earlier this month
that the US was using nuclear-propelled aircraft carriers, nuclear
submarines, nuclear strategic bombers and stealth fighters in the exercises.

and South Korean soldiers fire artillery during a live-fire exercise
near Rodriguez Range in South Korea as part of the Foal Eagle drill
in March 2012. has protested against
the drills, calling them a rehearsal for war, and responded with a
series of missile tests which the West and the UN have used as a ground
to impose fresh sanctions on the country.
The United Nations said
earlier this week that sanctions against North Korea were taking a
serious toll on humanitarian aid activities in the country, where
millions of women and children are reliant on donations.
Mishra, the UN’s senior resident official in Pyongyang, said North Korea
was in the midst of “a protracted, entrenched humanitarian situation
largely forgotten or overlooked by the rest of the world.”
Korea has been the target of a broad array of tough sanctions by the US
and the UN Security Council over its nuclear and missile tests.
says its missile and nuclear program is part of its self-defense
measures aimed at protecting the North’s sovereignty and safety in the
face of threats by the US and South Korea.
On Friday, the US said
it had imposed sanctions on 30 foreign companies or individuals for
allegedly violating export controls on Iran, North Korea and Syria.

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