Muslim women rally in London in soldierty with attack vitims


Dozens of women
gathered on Sunday on ’s Westminster Bridge to link hands in a
silent vigil for the victims of last week’s terror attack. (Photo by

Dozens of Muslim women have
gathered on Westminster Bridge in London to express solidarity with the
victims of Wednesday’s deadly attack outside the British Parliament.

women stood in silence with heads bowed for five minutes on Sunday
remembering the victims who lost their lives in the assault, which was
claimed by the Daesh terrorist group.
At least four people were
killed and 50 others were injured in the attack on Wednesday after
British-born Khalid Masood plowed a car into pedestrians and fatally
stabbed police officer Keith Palmer, an incident that has been declared a
terrorist incident. The attacker was later killed by police.
The event was organized by Women’s March on London at the scene of the terror attack near the Parliament.  
People from a range of backgrounds joined the Muslim women, lined up along the bridge, linking hands and bowing their heads.
Attendee Kerena Sheath told The Guardian newspaper the vigil was an act of remembrance.
man wanted to divide us, so by joining hands we are literally doing the
opposite of what he wanted,” she said. “This is London and you are not
going to change us.”

women activists gather to hold hands on Westminster Bridge in front of
the Houses of Parliament to honor the victims of the March 22 attack in
central London on March 26, 2017. (Photo by AFP)Meanwhile,
the British police have arrested the 12th suspect, who is a 30-year-old
man, as part of investigations into the attack. Nine of the suspects
were released without further action.
The Saudi Embassy in the on Friday confirmed Masood had visited the kingdom three times.
Earlier, The Sun newspaper
reported that the London attack suspect was a former English teacher
working at the institution controlling Saudi Arabia’s civil aviation.
Saudi Arabia, where Wahhabism is widely preached and practiced, stands accused of sponsoring terrorist groups such as Daesh.
A statement published by the Amaq Agency, which is seen as the terror group’s official press service, has said the assailant was a “soldier” of Daesh.

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