Ivanka Trump’s DC neighbors not happy with newcomers


Senior Advisor to
the President , Jared Kushner (L), walks with his wife
to board Marine One at the White House in Washington, DC,
on March 3, 2017. (Photos by AFP)

Neighbors of Ivanka Trump are
speaking up against the new comers following President Donald Trump’s
victory in the 2016 presidential election.

Ivanka and her
husband Jared Kushner rented a house in the capital shortly after
the inauguration of Trump as the commander-in-chief.
A huge
security presence caused by the couple, requiring three vans for a trip
to the playground, as well as taking up the parking space in the already
crowded street and leaving trash bags unattended, are among the
neighbors’ complaints.
“It has been a three-ring circus from the
day that they’ve moved in,” Marietta Robinson, who lives across the
street in the Kalorama neighborhood, was cited as saying in an AP
Since the couple and their three children moved to the
$5.5-million home, public parking has been overrun and the trash pickup
schedule has been ignored by their staff.

neighborhood, 2 miles north of the White House, is used to high profile
residents including former President Barack Obama, who recently left
there, as well as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who recently moved in, just
like Trump’s secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, but “no one has raised
the ire of the community,” like Ivanka’s family, according to the
“Maybe some of the upset has to do with a little.
I couldn’t say for sure, but I know that people don’t seem to be upset
about Tillerson’s situation. It’s much less intrusive,” said Ellen
Goldstein, an elected neighborhood commissioner, who also wrote a letter
to Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser and other city officials on Saturday.
are more of them than I have ever seen,” Robinson wrote of the Secret
Service forces tasked with protecting the family. “Frequently several of
them are milling outside of the house at all hours having conversations
and staring meanly at anyone in view.”
In December 2016, a
company with ties to a Chilean billionaire bought the house and rented
it out to the family of the president’s daughter.

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