Cruise ship at Port Everglades alarms homeowners as it comes for a visit

March 9, 2017 9:04 am
On deck, cruise ships seem like the perfect way to unwind.
From below, they’re a little more unnerving – especially when they’re heading toward your house.
That’s what couple Bill and Yasmine Todhunter discovered on Friday after the cruise ship Equinox appeared to be on a collision course for their luxury $2.3 million ($3.3m) Port Everglades home.
Yasmine filmed the terrifying footage as Bill ran out to wave desperately at the oncoming, 122,000-ton ship.
He says it stopped just 30 metres from his waterfront patio.

Port Everglades in Florida claims to host more cruise lines and have more sailings than any port in the world. This is the view from the Todhunter’s terrace.

The 1,041-foot, 2850-person ship had been heading out for a 10-night cruise, taking in Barbados, St Kitts & St Nevis and other sun-kissed islands, when the incident occurred.”When the cruise ship thrusters stopped, there was silence and I yelled ‘somebody is going to get fired’ and everybody on the cruise started applauding,” he told WPLG-10.
Usually the boat passes from Port Everglades docks west of the house to the Atlantic ocean to the east, passing by the home.
But the Equinox’s usual home on the Port Everglades docks had been closed off after a truck spilled 34,000 litres of fuel.
Instead it had docked at Terminal 25, to the south of their property, intending to turn east in front of the house and head out to the Atlantic.
That’s easier said than done, it would appear.
The boat appears to have drifted too far north before turning east – sending it directly towards the Todhunters and their neighbours.

The Todhunter’s and their neighbours are close to the shippping channel as is.

“It’s too close!” Yasmine can be heard muttering on the video as the ship sails forward, before her remarks turn to terrified screams: “Too close! Too close! Come on, Bill!”
But Bill isn’t going anywhere, as he starts to wave his arms – apparently futilely – at the hulking mass of the oncoming ship.
The waters in front of the ship churn as its front thrusters slow the ship, stopping it from running aground.
Bill said it was a unique and horrifying experience for the couple. “We’ve been here for six years. We’ve never seen anything like that,” he said.
“We’ve never seen anything that close.”
Royal Caribbean Cruises, which owns Celebrity, the company that uses the Equinox, denied that the ship had run aground.
It said the ship was “in her assigned channel at all times” and navigating “under the guidance of specialised local port pilots.

Bill and his wife Yasmine Todhunter.

“The ship operated safely and did not put guests or crew at risk. We can also confirm the ship did not touch bottom,” it added.
Bill doubted that claim. “So you know that there’s 8 metres of ship below the waterline, and so it’s obviously touching bottom,” he said.
He also cited the filthy water thrown up by the thrusters as proof that it ran aground.
The Coast Guard said no collision or grounding was registered in regard to the boat. It may open an investigation on seeing the video.
And a spokeswoman for the Port Everglades Pilots and Florida Harbor Pilots Association told Miami New Times: “Due to the strong winds and current at the time, the cruise ship in question came closer than usual to the side of the channel, as shown in the video.”
She added: “As stated by the cruise line, the vessel did not touch bottom.
“The use of bow thrusters in the channel disturbs the water and routinely churns up silt and mud, as shown in the video.”
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