Most Americans believe US will pay for wall on Mexico border

January 19, 2017 9:14 am

This AFP file photo taken on October 14, 2016 shows cattle rancher Jim Chilton standing beside a fence that is the -Mexico border on part of his 50,000 acre ranch, some 20 miles southeast of Arivaca, Arizona, where a barbed-wire fence is all that separates the two countries.

The majority of Americans believe that and not Mexico will be the one ending up paying for a wall on the Mexican border to prevent asylum seekers from entering the country as proposed by the incoming president, a new poll shows.
Building a wall to stop the influx of refugees from Central and Latin America and forcing the government of Mexico to pay for it has been a hallmark of ’s campaign for the 2016 presidential election but most of the Americans do not exactly believe that to be true.
Seventy-nine percent of those who took part in the new CBS poll, released Wednesday, said Washington will have to pay for it while 14 percent chose to stick to Trump’s claim that he will manage to get Mexicans to pay for the wall.
A smaller majority, 59 percent, fundamentally opposed the idea that a wall should be erected while 37 percent voiced support for it.
The poll also showed that 65 percent of Republicans support Trump’s proposal for construction of a wall 79 percent of Democrats oppose it.
Most of the GOPers, 81 percent, think the president-elect will prioritize to the country’s interests rather than those of his family and business, an idea shared only by 19 percent of Dems.
The incoming president is supposed to start work in the White House after an inauguration ceremony scheduled for January 20.
Trump won the Electoral College vote on November 8, 2016 to become the 45th US president despite having nearly three million votes fewer than Hillary Clinton.
Apart from the wall, Trump has also called for a complete ban on Muslims entering the US.
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