Melbourne’s Bourke St tragedy victim Thalia Hakin’s sweet and haunting note

January 27, 2017 1:00 am
A sweet letter written by Bourke St massacre victim Thalia Hakin that tells of the world moving from “darkness” to “light”, has been published by The Australian Jewish .
Thalia was one of five people killed when a man allegedly drove deliberately into lunchtime crowds in the heart of ’s second largest city last Friday.
The letter was written between the Jewish celebrations of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur as part of an international schoolgirl’s competition in late 2015.
“When you light up a candle you light up your neshema [soul],” Thalia wrote.
“And you light up the world. And when you light up the world you make it a better place. Like for you, me and everybody.

“Now the world is dark but soon to be bright for us. And im yirtzeh hashem [God willing] mashiach [the messiah] will come.”
The Australian Jewish News reported that Thalia’s words are due to be published in a book called One More Light, published by Jewish Girls Unite, next month.
The emotional funeral service for “the little Jewish princess” on Wednesday was told she was a loving older sister to Maggie, 9.
“From the day she was born until the day she died, that girl gave me pride and gave me joy,” her father Tony Hakin told the crowd.
Thalia’s mother Nathalie and younger sister Maggie were also injured in the rampage,
Maggie had called her father to say her leg was broken and people were helping her mother Nathalie after the car hit them.
“Thalia copped the full brunt of it,” he said.
“I think she fairly much died instantly, I don’t think she would have known much about it.”
Mr Hakin said his wife wanted to be at the funeral but had only woken in hospital early Wednesday morning.
“(She said Thalia) was a little butterfly, that she was the light of her life,” he said.
Three-month old baby Zachary Bryant was the first victim farewelled at a service on Tuesday, with his parents describing him as the most beautiful, loving, happy and perfect little baby.
Matthew Si, 33, Sydneysider Jess Mudie, 22, and an unnamed Japanese national, 25, also died in the attack.
It’s understood Mr Si’s family will be holding a private funeral. Eighteen people remain in hospital, two of them listed as critical. James Gargasoulas, 26, was charged with five counts of murder on Monday and is likely to face more charges as police continue investigating.
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